Oomph Inc. is a Tokyo-based creative/bizdev agency specialized in concept development grounded in thorough research and concrete logics. We also execute and visualize concepts like developing a strategy and designing corporate logos. Ideas may come up with intuition, but we explain ‘why’ by filling in blanks with logics and numbers.

Chief Creative Snob

Yuma Tanimoto

Instagram: @yuma_tanimoto

Hello. This is Yuma, CCS.

Born and raised in one of the worst neighborhoods in Japan, I’ve tasted the sip of a developped country’s bottom layer. But today you’re reading about me and I’m singing ‘started from the bottom now we’re here’ like Drake rapped.

Throughout the difficult times, there’s been one thing I always believed in and used to break through the situations: concepts, behind what you see and hear. It might be just a few words or could be a book, either way the power of those ideas can change everything. That’s why you’re reading this now and what we Oomph Inc. will provide you.

We sell concepts, the power you need.